The Studio

Greenwich Fitness was established in Fitness-108 web2012 by Matt Wakefield as an alternative to large corporate gyms. Matt offers high quality personal training, strength and conditioning for sports and nutritional advice. The studio specialises in 1-2-1 training with only one client training at once ensuring your space and privacy.

The studio is well equipped with everything you could need to achieve 17751628-EA6C-4D20-8A2F-BD54F20D2671your goals. With Olympic bars, a power cage, 300kg of Olympic plates and dumbbells up to 30kg there is plenty of weight to get strong. With TRX, gymnastic rings, cable machines, slam balls, battle E0208E2E-FBB3-4115-9F3A-D0945C427857ropes, Vipr, kettlebells and boxing equipment there are plenty of options to challenge your cardiovascular fitness and to keep training interesting!

Matt’s approach to training focuses on developing strength whilst maintaining postural balance and improving mobility. It blends strength training with cardiovascular training to challenge your
body in different ways. His experience over 15 years as a Personal Trainer means he can provide you with the support you need whatever your goal. Matt believes in addressing all aspects of your life, helping you to make better nutritional and lifestyle choices in order to achieve your goals and lead a happier, healthier life.

The style of training you will undertake is totally dependent upon your goals and 716A4CCF-0B8B-47AD-9CC4-789E5C5E6EF9your training plan will be tailored to fit your own specific needs and experiences. It is usually recommended that you have at least one session a week in order to make consistent progress. Whatever your fitness goal consistency is key!

Your training sessions will be carefully planned, recorded and assessed to ensure 5A7CE0FF-AEFF-40D2-ABDD-3EDCA9919A70you are getting the most from each session and that you are making steady progress towards your goals. The ability to change a training plan and carefully manipulate training variables over time is one of the key features an experienced trainer will offer. This is essential if continued progress is to be made over months and years.

Despite what the media might have you believe achieving  any fitness goal or changing your body for the better is not easy! Matt at Greenwich Fitness has the knowledge and experience  to guide you towards achieving your goals.